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Alice Nine Profile :3

Moshi-moshi minna-san ;)
Mau ngposting tentang Alice Nine nih! English vers yow XD wkwkwk!
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Alice nine. (アリス九號) is a visual rock band with a sound that easily covers multiple genres. From hard-hitting, edgy rock songs to sentimental pop-influenced ballads, alice nine.'s style is one that is constantly evolving. The band formed in 2004 and got off to a quick start as both the first and second presses of their debut single quickly sold out. Over the years, this five member group has shown no sign of slowing down.
Profile Members

shou cross game Pictures, Images and Photos

SHOU ( )

Artist name: Shou
Real name: Kohara Kazumasa
Part: Vocals
Age: 26
Birthday: 5. July 1981
Blood type: O
Height: 177cm
Weight: 58kg
Foot size: 26cm, but uses 27cm
Hobby: Playing video-games, searching for old clothes/secondhand clothes, drinking coffee
Fav. Color: Blue
Music: LUNA SEA, KoRn, Atari Teenage Riot, The Used, MUSE
Manga: Nana, 20th century Boy, Berserk
Food: Potatoes
Drink: Soy Milk
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Wakaruyo~! (means: I understand, I know), Nemuriiii! (means: Sleepy)
Pets: 3 cats (one is called Chirori)
Perfume: BVLGARI black
My Boom: Walking
First musical instrument he learned to play: Guitar
Childhood hero: Dancouga
Sports engaged in: Baseball
Greatest influence: Toshi-low
Strongest point: Long Places
Weakest point: Short Places
Something he'll never give up: The time to Sleep
Something he currently likes: Collecting shoes
Past bands: lost age, Givuss (with Tora), kijintan (session band)
Recent enthusiasm : Doing the best I can. Otaku Bonzai!
Taste in Women: The type of person I can love/Someone who will possess me.
Cannot Hand this Over: Caramel cappucino with a lot of syrup on top Previous


Got his teeth fixed somewhere between the October 3.-6. (He says that he can sing much better now)Knows how to cut hair.
Always thanked everyone and the fans in his diary.
Mixed up his words in a live when he came in and said: “Hello Super New View” (supposed to be Hello New Super View) Everyone just thought that it was supposed to be like that.
Doesn’t go anywhere with out his iPod and/or his Gameboy Advance
Loves video games
“Always Plays” with his bandmates hair
He responses alot to the word “adult”
His name means a Military Officer
Uses glasses
He’s the one who makes the set lists
2 holes on the left ear, 1 hole on the left side of his lip(Past)
Can't stand waiting for others.
Hate those that don't give up their seats to those who needed it more inside the train.
Hate girls who puts on make up inside the train

saga cross game Pictures, Images and Photos

SAGA ( 沙我 )

Name: Saga
Real name: Sakamoto Takashi
Nick name: Saga-sama (teasing name) and Daikon-san (means: Radish-san, Shou made it up)
Part: Bass, backup vocals
Age: 25
Birthday: 24. June 1982
Blood type: AB
Height: 175cmWeight: 55kg
Foot size: 27cm
Hobby: Walking with his Dog
Favorites Color: White, black, red, silver, purple
Brand: NCYHAIT, abx,(Past)Lounge Lizard, Dior Homme, LAD MUSICIAN, PUERTA DEL SOL(Current)
Music: UNDERWORLD, downy, NUMBER GIRL, a combination of hot and floathy -feeling music
Manga: Doraemon
Drink: Water
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Okusan! (means: a wife. Someone's wife. O_o; ? )Pets: A dog, Chiko (means: fries)
Perfume: DOLCE&GABBANA(Past), BVLGARI black(Current)
My Boom: Clothes(Past), Wine(Current)
First musical instrument he learned to play: Guitar
Childhood hero: His own father
Sports engaged in: Baseball
Greatest influence: None
Strongest point: Patience
Weakest point: Change
Something he'll never give up: Things he's proud of
Something he currently likes: Clothes
Past bands: Vall'na racill, Visage, Delta Ark
He thinks he knows more about Gundam than Nao does
Nao and saga are very good friends
He says that Nao looks like a Pooh Bear when he sleeps.
Kissed Hiroto and Shou in Alice in Wonderland live Shibya-AX in 31.8.2005
Never speaks loud enough in interviews
Hates to be called Saga-SAMA
When they finished their first full album “Zekkeishoku”, Saga took a guitar and started to sing "Heeeeey, We finished, the aaaaaaaaalbum."
Writes various songs
Sing with Shou in the song Q.
‘‘Slept together with Nao’’
Plays with a 5 stringed bass at times
Uses glasses
3 Holes on the right ear, one hole on the right side of his lip
Keeps claming that he has a dead body in his room
He's a fcuking hot bass licker.

tora cross game Pictures, Images and Photos

TORA ( )
Name: Tora
Real name: Amano Shinji
Part: Guitar
Age: 26
Birthday: 17. September 1980
Blood type: O
Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg
Foot size: 27.5cm
Hobby: Skateboarding and reading BMX
Favorites Color: White, Black
Brand: GUCCI(Past), ADIO(Current)
Music: KoRn
Manga: Kyo Kara Ore Wa
Drink: Oolong Tea
Karaoke song: Shiina Ringo and Boowy
Phrase: Mendokusai! (means: annoying)Pets: A Cat
Perfume: Burberry(Past), his own composition(Current)
My Boom: Authority's apparent lack of power
First musical instrument he learned to play: Bass guitar
Childhood hero: None
Sports engaged in: None
Greatest influence: Dimebag Darell
Strongest point: Secret
Weakest point: Secret
Something he'll never give up: The time to sleep.
Something he currently likes: Nagasu Koriki
Past bands: Karasu, arakune, Givuss (with Shou)
Cried in Alice in Wonderland live Shibya-AX in 31.8.2005
His name Tora means Tiger
I have never seen him smiling in the ends of a live
He almost never writes in his diary
Adds English words to songs.
He’s the biggest KoЯn fan
He’s the one how got the idea to put the backwards R in Alice in WondeЯland (he got the idea from KoЯn)
He bought a guitar just for recording
He has a heartagram tattoo on his right forefinger, he got it in October (I think)Uses glasses
He’s the strongest band member
He dyed his hair blood once (SHOCKING)
Plays the piano (for example in ‘FANTASY’)
1 hole on the right side of his lips, 1 hole on the middle of his lips(Past)
Calls himself “The lonely wolf”
He's 1/4 American as his grandmother or grandfather is an American.

hiroto cross games

HIROTO ( ヒロト)

Artist name: Hiroto
Real name: Ogata Hiroto
Nick name: Pon
Part: Guitar
Age: 22
Birthday: 4. May 1985
Blood type: O
Height: 167cm
Weight: 51kg
Foot size: 26cm
Hobby: Visit famous places in Japan and photographing them(Past),clothing and watching a movie(Current)
Favorites Color: Red, gold
Brand: Effect clothes, ADIDAS(Past),Velvet Lounge, John Lawrence Sullivan(Current)
Artist: NINE INCH NAILS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Clammbon
Music: Hot Post-Rock music
Manga: DragonBall Z
Drink: O-cha -> Green Tea, Healthya, 100% Peach juice
Karaoke song: Songs from Kinki Kids, hidePhrase: Ikeru darou? (means: Shall we go?)Pets: May be a dog? Not sure, cause I only found a old picture where he was holding a puppy.
Perfume: None.
My Boom: Skateboarding and collecting shoes
First musical instrument he learned to play: Acoustic guitar
Childhood hero: Gundam
Sports engaged in: Running
Greatest influence: Hide-san
Strongest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feels heat."
Weakest point: "I can't lie. Immediately feels heat."
Something he'll never give up: He's beliefs and his guitar
Something he currently likes: Collecting shoes
Past bands: BAQUEPIA
Carried/Lifted Shou up in the backstage during PSC Tour.
Loves everything about stars
Has grown up most in the band
He heard once that a teacher said that they didn’t care about their students, and that broke his heart totally.
Was still in High School when he was in alice nine.
Keeps the energy in the band
He’s the person who will do alot if he can.
He says that when he shouts something to a microphone, his teeth always hits hard on the mic.
Only one in the band to use his own real name.
Ripped off his T-shirt in a live
Does the sound effects in the album Zekkeishoku

nao cross game


Name: Nao
Real name: Murai Naoyuki
Nick name: Otakkii, Winnie the Pooh, Devil Nao, Pooh San
Part: Drums
Age: 27
Birthday: 31. July 1980
Blood type: A
Height: 170cm
Weight: 55kg
Foot size: 26cm
Hobby: Hikikomori (Social Withdrawal)(Past),PSP and Nintendo DS, to explore(Current)
Favorites Color: Pink
Music: Orutana/Alternative/Jazz/Soul
Manga: 3X3 Eyes
Drink: Coffee= Starbuck's caramel macchiato
Karaoke song: He doesn't sing
Phrase: Wakaru! (means: I understand, I know)(Past), hungry Current)
Pets: None.
Perfume: BVLGARI black, BVLGARI blue
My Boom: His Buddy System
First musical instrument he learned to play: Bass. Still know how to play it!
Childhood hero: Ultraman
Sports engaged in: Baseball, Soccer
Greatest influence: "There are many"
Strongest point: His strongest point is the weakest point
Weakest point: His weakest point is the strongest point
Something he'll never give up: Hikikomori (is spending time alone, social withdrawal)
Something he currently likes: O-anikei (means: Older brother)
Past bands: Fatima, RusHFun
Got left behind two times (In a tourwhen they were just making a stop on the gas station)
He always need to use the bathroom in the wrong time, like before interviews.
Writes into his diary mostly about food.
Tumbled in Hello Dear Numbers Live
Doesn’t sing when the band is going out to sing in to a karaoke bar.
Was the lead singer in a band when he was in High school.
Loves Gundam
Loves to tease his band mates
‘‘Slept together with Saga’’
Uses glasses
Hates fish
Has a action figure of him
Feels safe behind the drums
Had a fake dragon tattoo on his neck (Kowloon -Nine Heads Rodeo Show-)
Played the bass in his former band Rush

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